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Audio Specialists

The RealPages.comSM audio specialists have produced voice and music productions for major recording artists, television and motion pictures for over three decades.

Television and Radio Spots we've produced since 1980...
CBS, PROMOS - Bill Cosby, David Letterman, The Nanny, Tom Snyder, Early Edition, JAG, Candid Camera, Bryant Gumbel, The Price is Right, As the World Turns, 48hrs, and many more
ABC - ABC News, Nightline, All My Children, Europeon Figure Skating Championships, General Hospital, Good Morning America, Politically Incorrect, The View with Barbara Walters
ESPN - Prime Time, Nascar Speed Week, Baseball Tonight, NBA Tonight, and various themes
FOX NETWORKS - Songs from Ally McBeal featuring Vonda Shepard
Wawa, Blue Cross - Radio Spots
U.S. Healthcare/Aetna, Campbell Soup - Special Events and Motivational Training Videos

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    E-mail: customerservice@realpages.com

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